Weed, Moss & Algae solutions.

A. It varies due to the type of weeds present, and ultimately the weather conditions.  You will notice a difference with some weeds just 48 hours after the application, others can take around 2 weeks before you notice a difference. 

A. All of our chosen products are safe and approved, and applied by trained NPTC certified Technicians.  Although we would advise you to keep kids and pets away from treated areas until fully dried.

A. Many of our customers are out at the time of our visits.  So long as there is access, our Technicians will carry out the service and notify you of any relevant information.

A. With advances in technology, there are adjuvants that we can add to weed killer to make it rainfast in under 1 hour.  Extremely heavy rainfall will make weed killer less effective.  This makes the service “weather dependent” as we try to work around weather conditions as best we can given we work in the South West of Scotland.  We can often only provide 24-48 hours’ notice of our intended visits due to monitoring conditions.

A. We recommend 2 applications per annum to help keep your property weed free.  Our service is rolling, therefore we will continue to provide you with services until you inform us not to.  There is no contract, just pay-as-you-go.

A. If an aspect of our service isn’t as you expected, please contact our office immediately and let us know.  We value the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our customers is important to us.  We always aspire to do our very best by improving our services and remedying any issues identified in a swift and professional manner.

We're fully licensed and certified